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Book1 Unit1 课文语法填空

I wonder if it is because I haven’t been able to be outdoors for so long _1 ______I have grown so crazy about everything to do with nature. I can well remember that there was a time_ 2 _______a deep blue sky, the song of the birds, moonlight and flowers could never have kept me_3 ____ (spellbind). That____4_________(change) since I was there. For example, one evening __5 ________ it was so warm, I stayed awake_6 __ purpose until half past eleven in order to have a good look at the moon by myself. But__7_____ the moon gave far too much light, I didn’t dare open a window. Another time five months ago, I happened to be upstairs until the window had to ____8______ (shut). The dark, rainy evening, the wind, the thundering clouds held me entirely in _7_____ power; it was the first time in a year and a half__10______ I had seen the night face to face...

Book1 Unit2 课文语法填空

So why has English changed over time? Actually all languages change and develop__1________ cultures meet and communicate with each other. At first the English spoken in England between about AD 450 and 1150 was very different from the English__2________ (speak) today. It was based more on German__3_______ the English we speak at present. Then gradually between about AD 800 and 1150English became less like German because those_4 _____ ruled England spoke first Danish and later French. These new settlers enriched the English language and especially its vocabulary. So by the 1600’s Shakespeare was able to make use of a_5______ (wide) vocabulary than ever before. In 1620 some British settlers moved to America. Later in the 18th century some British people were taken to Australia too. English began____6 _________ (speak) in both countries.

Book1 Unit3 课文语法填空

From the atlas we could see_1______ the Mekong River begins in a glacier on a Tibetan mountain. At first the river is small and the water is clear and cold. _2______ it begins to move _3______ (quick). It becomes rapids as it passes_4_______deep valleys, traveling_5_______western Yunnan Province. Sometimes the river becomes_6__ waterfall and enters wide valleys. We were both surprised to learn _7______ half of the river is in China. After it leaves China and high altitudethe Mekong River becomes widebrown and warm. As it enters Southeast Asia, _8___ pace slows. It makes wide bends or winds its way through low valleys _9_____ the plains_10_______ rice grows. At lastthe river enters the South China Sea.

Book1 Unit4 课文语法填空

Strange things were happening in the countryside of northeast Hebei. For three days the water in the village wells kept rising and_1_______ (fall). Farmers noticed that the well walls had deep cracks_2__ them. A smelly gas came out of the cracks. _3_____ the farmyardsthe chickens and even the pigs were too nervous __ 4 _____ (eat). Mice ran out of the fields looking_5 ___ places to hide. Fish jumped out of their bowls and ponds. At about 3:00 am. _6 ___ July 28, 1976, some people saw bright lights _7_____ the sky. The sound of planes could ____ 8  ____ (hear) outside the city of Tangshan even_9 _____ no planes were in the sky. In the citythe water pipes in some buildings cracked and burst. But the one million people of the city, _10_____ thought little of these eventswere asleep as usual that night.

Book1 Unit5 课文语法填空

I needed his help _1________I had very little education. I began school at six. The school_2 _______ I studied for only two years was three kilometers away. I had to leave because my family could not continue ___ 3 ___ (pay) the school fees and the bus fare. I could not read_4____ write well. After_5_____ (try) hard, I got a job_6____a gold mine. Howeverthis was a time_7 ______ one had got to have a passbook to live in Johannesburg. _8 ______(sad), I did not have_9______because I was not born thereand I worried about_10 ______ I would become out of work.

Book2 Unit1 课文语法填空

Frederick William Ithe King of Prussiacould never have imagined that his great gift_1____the Russian people would have such an_2______ (amaze) history. This was the Amber Room,_3 _____ was given this name because almost seven thousand tons of amber were used___ 4 ____ (make) it. Amber has a beautiful yellow-brown colour. _5 _________ it feels as hard as stoneit easily melts when _6_______ (heat). Once it is heatedthe amber can become any shape. The design for the room was_7____ the fancy style popular in those days. The Amber Room was also a treasure_8___________(decorate) with gold and jewels, _9 ______ took a team of the country’s best artists ten years to make. The Amber Room was considered one of the wonders in the world. _10___________, the Nazi German army stole it in 1941. After that, what happened to the Amber Room remains a mystery.

Book2 Unit2 课文语法填空

The Olympic Games got its name because it was in Olympia, Greece _1______ the Games were held. The Olympic Games are held_2_______ four years. There are two main sets of Games ---- the Winter and the Summer Olympics, and both are held every four years _3_____ a regular basis. The Winter Olympics are usually held two years before the Summer Games. Only athletes_4 _____have reached the agreed standard for their event will be admitted as competitors. They may come_5______ anywhere in the world. At first, only the Greek cities could join in and they used to compete against each other just_6____the honour of winning.  No other countries could join in, _7 _______ could slaves or women! However, nowadays any country can take part if their athletes are good enough. Women are not only allowed_____8 _______ play a very important role. The motto of the Olympics is “Swifter, Higher and Stronger.” It is a great responsibility as well as a great honour to be chosen to host the Olympic Games. There’s as much competition among countries to host the Olympics_9 ____ to win Olympic medals. China succeeded in bidding for the right to host the 29th Olympics in Beijing, _10______ is a great honor for the Chinese.

Book2 Unit3 课文语法填空

The computer is a machine_1 ________ was born to work for people. _2_______it first came into being, it was just a calculating machine. That is to say, it can only be used to work out problems_3_______ numbers. Later, it was developed to an Analytical Machine,_4_______ followed simple instructions from cards with holes. This was such a great revolution in technology! A computer can “think” as human race once it is programmed with proper programs, _5________it itself can not “think” _6 ________ man’s help, so we say a computer has artificial intelligence. The computer was completely changed when it got its new transistors in the 1960s. Its size became smaller and smaller_7________ its memory became larger and larger. And thanks_8____the Internet, computers were connected to one another as a huge family_9_______ an endless network. Actually, the computer could even talk to human being_10__________ (use) the language called BASIC.

Book2 Unit4 课文语法填空

Daisy had always longed to help endangered species of wildlife. One day she woke up and found a flying carpet by her bed. “Where do you want to go?” it asked. Daisy responded immediately, “I’d like to see some_1___________ (danger) wildlife” she said. Please take me to a distant land where I can find the animal_2 _______ gave fur to make this sweater.” At once, the carpet flew away and took_3____to Tibet. There Daisy saw an antelope _4_______ (look) sad. It said, “We’re being killed _5____the wool beneath our stomachs. Our fur is being used _6________ (make) sweaters for people like you. As a result, we are now_7______ danger.” At that Daisy cried, “I’m sorry I never_8 _________(know) that. I wonder_9 ____ is being done to help you. Flying carpet, please show me a place_10________ there’s some wildlife protection.”


Book2 Unit5 课文语法填空

Have you ever dreamed of being famous as a musician? At first many singers may form a band to practise their music. And _1_______ they may get the chance to give_2_________________ (perform) in pubs or clubs. Later they may gradually become popular. _3___________, the Monkees started in a different way. Only one of them was good enough and the other three members pretended _4_________ (sing). To be honest, it couldn’t _5____________ (call) a real band at the beginning. Anyhowtheir shows were _6___________ (humour) and they became popular. After a year or so, they worked harder and produced _7_________ own records and started touring. About 1970 the Monkees broke up_8_________ they reunited in _9______mid-1980s and in 1996 produced a new record _10 _______________ (celebrate) their former happy time.

Book3 Unit1 课文语法填空

The most _1_________ (energy) and important festivals are the ones_2_______ look forward to the end of winter and the coming of spring. At the spring festival in China, people eat dumplings, fish and meat and may give children lucky money _3________red paper. _4_______ are dragon dances and carnivals, and families celebrate the Lunar New Year together. Some western countries have very _5_______ (excite) carnivals, _6_______ take place forty days before Easter, usually_7_____ February. These carnivals might include parades, dancing in the streets day and night, loud noise, loud music and colorful clothing of all kinds. Easter is an important religious and social festival for Christians around the world. _8____ celebrates the return of Jesus _9______ the dead and the coming of spring and new life. Japan’s Cherry Blossom Festival happens a little later. The country, _10__________ (cover) with cherry tree flowers, looks as if it is covered with pink snow.

Book3 Unit2 课文语法填空

Wang Peng felt very_1____________ (frustrate) when he saw none of his customers would eat in his restaurant. _2______ his opinion, nothing could be _3____________ (good) than his fried rice, mutton kebabs, fatty pork or his_4__________ (sugar) cola. When_5_____________ (follow) one of his best friends into Yong Hui’s newly opened restaurant, he was amazed_6______the menu there: raw vegetables, fruit and water. In order to win his customers back, he went to the library to do some research_7________ showed that Yong Hui’s menu didn’t give the customers energy-giving food. In fact, there was_8______________(weak) in Wang Peng’s menu as well. So the only solution is _9_____________ (combine) the two menus together to get a_10 ______________ (balance) diet.

Book3 Unit3 课文语法填空

Mark Twain, an American renowned writer and speaker, spent his boyhood in Hannibal, Missouri, along the Mississippi River, and three of his most famous books describe people _1__________ this great river. As this author loved the river so much _2________ even his pen name comes from the river. Being poor, Twain dropped school_3_________the age of twelve looking for work. Over the next two decades he worked _4______ a printer, a riverboat pilot, a soldier, a gold miner, a businessman and _5_______ newspaper reporter to support the family.

_6______ was said that his first successful story was about a jumping frog contest. And his works became extremely famous for its description of common people and the way they talked, especially_7____ his humor. As a result, he became very rich from his works. _8_____________, the last years of his life was filled with sad eventsthe deaths of his wife and children, the _9__________(lonely) and the loss of much money. For this, his writings lost most of its humor and became sad like him. Yet he is still regarded _10_______one of the best known writers in the modern world.

Book3 Unit3 课文语法填空

It was the summer of 1930, and Henry Adams, an American businessman, was_1_______luck. He was rescued at sea by a British ship that takes him to London_2_________he find himself without money, friends and hope of a good job. He was lost and alone in London. He didn’t know_3_________to do. _4________ (walk) down the street, he heard someone_5______ (call) him. Then he came in and_6___________ (lead) to two rich brothers, Roderick and Oliver, _7______made a secret bet and gave him a letter in which there was _8______ one-million-pound bank note. He_9___________ (ask) to open the letter until two o’clock in the afternoon. Roderick believes that a man can’t survive in the city for a month with only a million pound bank note in his possession _10_________Oliver believes he can.   

Book3 Unit4 课文语法填空

No one knows exactly_1______the earth began. According to a widely accepted theory, the earth began with a “Big Bang”, _2_______exploded loudly and produced water vapor and many gases, _3________ (make) the earth’s atmosphere. As the earth cooled down, water appeared and stayed_4____ the surface. It was the presence of water_5______ allowed the earth to dissolve harmful gases and acids into the oceans and seas, which made_6_____ possible for life to develop. First, the appearance of small plants encouraged the development of early shellfish and all sorts of fish. Next, green plants began to grow on land, _7________were followed by land animals. So reptiles appeared for the first time. Later, dinosaurs developed. _8_________, they suddenly disappeared. After that, mammals came into being. Finally, humans appeared and spread all over the earth. However, they are putting too much carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, making the earth too hot _9____________ (live) on. So, whether life will continue on the earth will depend on_10________this problem can be solved.

Book3 Unit5 课文语法填空

Li Daiyu and Liu Qin were on a trip to Canada to visit their cousins on the Atlantic coast. Rather_1______ take the airplane all the way, they took the train_2________west to east across Canada. The thought _3____ they could cross the whole continent was exciting. Canada is the second _4________ (large) country in the world. People say Vancouver is Canada’s most beautiful city _5___________ (surround) by mountains and the Pacific Ocean. _6_____the coast north of Vancouver, it is_7____ wet there that the tree are extremely tall. That afternoon aboard the train the cousins settled_8________ in their seats. They know cowboys from all over the world compete in the Stampede. Many cowboys have a gift _9________ riding wild horses. They also learned_10________ most Canadians live within 320 kilometers of the USA border and the population is only slightly over thirty million.

Book4 Unit1 课文语法填空

Nobody before Jane fully understood chimps’ behaviors. She spent years observing and_1___________ (record) their daily activities. Since her childhood she had wanted to work with animals in _2________own environment. _3__________, this was not easy. When she first arrived in Gombe in 1960, it was unusual for a woman_4__________ (live) in the forest. Only her mother came to help her_5________the first few months was she allowed to begin her project. Her work changed the way people think about chimps. For example, one important thing she discovered is _6_______ chimps hunt and eat meat. Until then everyone had thought chimps ate only fruit and nuts. She actually observed chimps as a group_7________ (hunt) a monkey and then eating_8______. She also discovered that chimps communicate _9_________ each other, and her study of their body language helped her to work _10______ their social system.


Book4 Unit2 课文语法填空

Dr. Yuan was born in Beijing in 1930. _1______he graduated from Southwest Agriculture College in 1953, he has devoted his life to _2___________ (find) ways to grow more and more rice. As a young man, he saw the great need for _3______________ (increase) the rice output. At that time, hunger was_4______ serious problem in many parts of the country. Dr. Yuan searched _5_________ a way to increase rice harvests without expanding the area of fields. In 1950, Chinese farmers could only produce fifty million tons of rice. Last year,  _6___________, nearly two hundred million tons of rice _7_________________ (produce). These increased harvests mean _8________ 22% of the world’s people are fed from just 7% of the farmland in China. Dr. Yuan is now circulating his knowledge in India, Vietnam and other less developed countries to increase their rice harvests. Thanks to his research, the UN is trying to rid the world_9_______hunger. Using his hybrid rice farmers are producing harvests twice _10________large as before.

Book4 Unit3 课文语法填空

Charlie Chaplin was a humorous actor. He entertained us _1______ nonverbal humour. Born in poverty, he became famous_2______using a particular form of acting in entertaining silent movies. He was _3_____ charming character, well-known throughout the world. He played a poor and homeless person, _4_________(wear) large trousers, worn-out shoes and a small round black hat and carrying a walking stick. The character was a social failure in the movies, _5_________ he was loved by all the people. By overcoming difficulties, being kind to people unkind to him, making a sad situation entertaining and _6_________ (eat) a boiled shoe, Charlie Chaplin made us happy and_7_________ (excite). Charlie Chaplin produced, directed and wrote movies in _8__________he starred. In 1972 he was given a special Oscar _9_______ his lifetime outstanding work of bringing humour to us all _10_____ films.

Book4 Unit4 课文语法填空

As I get_1_______________(know) more international friends, I learn more about their cultural body languages. Not all cultures greet each other the same way, _2________are they comfortable in the same way with touching or distance between people. In the same way _3________ people communicate with _4___________ (speak) language, they also express their feelings _5_________ (use) unspoken language through physical distance, actions or posture. English people, for example, do not usually stand very _6________ (close) to others or touch strangers as soon as they meet. However, people from places like Spain, Italy or South American countries approach others _7___________ (close) and are more likely to touch them. Most people around the world now greet each other by _8__________ (shake) hands, but some cultures use other greetings as well, such as Japanese, _9_______ prefer to bow. These actions are not good or bad, but are simply ways in _10_________ cultures have developed.

Book4 Unit5 课文语法填空

There are various kinds of theme parks in the world with a specific theme for each. The theme park you are probably most familiar_1_____ is Disneyland,_2 _______can be found in several parts of the world, and it will bring you into_3_____ magical world and make your dreams come true, whether travelling through space, _4______   (visit) a pirate ship _5_____ meeting your favourite fairy tale or Disney cartoon characters. As you wander around the fantasy amusement park, you may see Snow White or Mickey Mouse _6________ a parade or on the street. Of cause Disneyland also has many _7________ (excite) rides, from giant swinging ships_8______ terrifying freefall drops. With all these attractions, it is no wonder _9________ tourism is increasing wherever there is a Disneyland. If you want to have fun and more _10________ fun, come to Disneyland!

Book5 Unit1 课文语法填空

John Snow was a famous doctor in London. So expert was he _1____ he attended Queen Victoria _2______her personal physician. But he became inspired when he thought about _3____________ help ordinary people exposed to cholera. This was the deadly disease of its day. Neither its cause_4________ its cure was understood. So many thousands of _5________ (terrify) people died every time there was _6____outbreak. John Snow wanted to face the challenge and solve this problem. He knew that cholera would never be controlled_7________ its cause was found. In 1854 when cholera broke _8________ , he began to gather information and found the evidence. It seemed that the polluted water was _9____________ (blame). John Snow suggested the source of all water supplies_10_______________(examine). Finally “King Cholera” was defeated.

Book5 Unit2 课文语法填空

Great Britain consists_1____four countries: England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. England is_2______ largest of the four countries, and _3_____ convenience it is divided _4_______ three zones. The zone nearest France is called the South of England, the middle zone is called the Midlands and the one nearest to Scotland is known _5_____ the North. You find most of population settled in the south, but most of the industrial cities _6______ the Midlands and the North of England. Although, nationwide, these cities are not as large _7______ those in China, they have world famous football teams and some of them even have two. It is a pity _8_______ the industrial cities built in the 1800s do not attract visitors. For historical architecture you have to go older _9_______ smaller towns built by the Romans. There you will find out more _10________ British history and culture.

Book5 Unit3 课文语法填空

_1____________ (arrive) at a strange-looking house, Wang Ping showed me into a large, bright clean room. It had a green wall, a brown floor and soft lighting. Suddenly the wall moved—it was made _2______ trees. I found later _3______ their leaves provided the room _4______ much-needed oxygen. Then Wang Ping flashed a switch _5______ a computer screen, and a table and some chairs rose _6______ under the floor as if by magic. “Why not sit down and eat a little?” he said, “You may find this difficult as it is your first time travel trip. Just relax, since there is nothing _7_________ (plan) on the timetable today. Tomorrow you will be ready _8______ some visits.” _9____________ (say) this, he spread some food on the table, and produced a bad from the floor. After he left, I had a brief meal and a hot bath. _10____________ (exhaust), I slid into bed and fell fast asleep.

Book5 Unit4 课文语法填空

ZhouYang will never forget his first assignment_1____ a reporter in China Daily. At the office his talk with his new boss influenced _2______ life strongly. His boss first put him as an assistant to an _3____________ (experience) journalist and later told him to cover a story and submit the article himself. During the interviews, he had to listen for _4________ (detail) facts and prepare the next question depending on_5_______ the person said. _6_____ the interviewee agreed, he could use a recorder to get the facts straight. The boss also gave him_7_______example of the importance of a recorder. Once a footballer was accused _8____ taking money for deliberately not scoring goals to let the other team win. He admitted that someone had tried to bribe him, but denied_9___________ (take) the money. With the recording, it was proved _10_____ he was guilty.


Book5 Unit5 课文语法填空

There are three types of burns. They are called first, second or third degree burns, depending_1_____ which layers of the skin are burned.

First degree burns affect only_2_____ top layer of the skin. These burns are not serious and should feel better within a day _3_____ two. Examples include mild sunburn and burns caused by_4___________ (touch) a hot pan, stove or iron for a moment.

Second degree burns affect_5______ the top and the second layer of the skin. These burns are serious and take a few weeks _6__________ (heal). Examples include severe sunburn and burns _7__________ (cause) by hot liquids.

Third degree burns affect all three layers of the skin and any tissue and organs _8_________ the skin. Examples include burns caused by electric shocks, burning clothes, or severe petrol _9________ (fire). These burns cause very severe_10________ (injure) and the victim must go to hospital at once.

Book6 Unit1 课文语法填空

At the time they were created, the impressionist paintings were controversial, but today they are accepted as the beginning of _1_______ we call “modern art”. This is because the Impressionists encouraged artists to look at their environment _2_______ new ways. There are scores of modern art styles, but _3___________ the impressionists, many of these painting styles might not exist. On the one hand, some modern art is abstract; that is, the painter does not attempt _4_______________ (paint) objects as we see_5_________our eyes, but instead concentrates _6____ certain qualities of the objects, _7_______ (use) colour, line and shape to represent them. _8_______the other hand, some paintings of modern art are so realistic_9____________they look like photographs. These styles are so different. Who can predict what painting styles there will be_10_______the future?

Book6 Unit2 课文语法填空

There are various reasons_1_____ people write poetry. Some poems tell_2_____ story or describe something in a way_3_______ will give the reader a strong impression. Others try to convey certain emotions. Poets use many different forms of poems _4___________ (express) themselves. In this text, however, we will look at a few_5_______ the simple forms.

   Some of the first poetry a young child learns in English is nursery rhymes. These nursery rhymes like the one_6_____ the right are still a common type of children’s poetry. The language is concrete_7______ imaginative. They delight small children _8__________they rhyme, have strong rhythm and a lot of repetition. The poems may not make sense and even seem contradictory, but they are easy to learn _9______ recite. By playing_10_____ the words in nursery rhymes, children learn about language.

Book6 Unit3 课文语法填空

By the way, did you know that this is because you become addicted _1__________ cigarettes in three different ways? First, you can become physically addicted to nicotine,  _2__________ is one of the hundreds of chemicals in cigarettes. This means that after a while your body becomes accustomed to _3__________ (have) nicotine in it. So when the drug leaves your body, you get withdrawal symptoms. I remember _4_______ (feel) bad tempered and sometimes even pain. Secondly, you become addicted through habits. As you know, _5_______ you do the same thing over and over again, you begin to do _6______ automatically. Lastly, you can become _7_______________ (mental) addicted. I believed I was happier and _8____________ relaxed after having a cigarette, so I began to think that I could only feel good _9________ I smoked. I was addicted in all three ways, so it was very difficult to quit. _10______ I did finally manage.

Book6 Unit4 课文语法填空

All scientists subscribe to the view_1_________ the increase in the earth’s temperature is due to the burning of fossil fuels like coal, natural gas and oil to produce energy. Some byproducts of this process _2______________ (call) “greenhouse” gases, the most important one of _3___________is carbon dioxide. Dr. Janice Foster explained “There is a natural phenomenon_4_________scientists call the greenhouse effect. This is when small amounts of gases in the atmosphere like carbon dioxide, methane and water vapour trap heat_5_________the sun and therefore warm the earth. _6________ the greenhouse effect, the earth would be about 33 degrees Celsius _7________ than it is. So, we need those gases. The problem begins when we add huge quantities_8____ extra carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. It means_9_______ more heat energy tends to be trapped in the atmosphere_10_________ (cause) the global temperature to go up.

Book6 Unit5 课文语法填空

When boiling rock erupts from a volcano and crashes back to earth, it causes less damage _1______you might imagine. This is because no one lives near the top of Mount Kilauea, _2________ the rocks fall. The lava that flows slowly like a wave down the mountain causes far more damage because _3________ buries everything in its path under the molten rock. However, the eruption itself is really _4________ (excite) to watch and I should never forget my first sight of one. It was in the second week after I arrived in Hawaii. _5_______________ (work) hard all day, I went to bed early. I was fast asleep when suddenly my bedroom began shaking and I heard a strange sound, like a railway train _6________ (pass) my window. Having experienced quite a few earthquakes in Hawaii already, I didn’t take much notice. I was about to go back to sleep _7________ suddenly my bed room became as bright as day. I ran out of the house into the back garden where I could see Mountain Kilauea_8_____the distance. There had been an eruption _9________ the side of the mountain and red hot lava was fountaining hundreds of metres into the air. It was _10________ absolutely fantastic sight.

Book7 Unit1 课文语法填空

My life is a lot easier at high school_1____________my fellow students have accepted me. The few who can’t see the real person inside my body don’t make me_2__________ (annoy), and I just ignore them. All _3_______ all I have a good life. I am happy to have found many things I can do, like _4__________ (write) and computer programming. My ambition is to work for a firm _5______________ develops computer software when I grow up. Last year I invented _6_________computer football game and a big company has decided to buy it from me. I have a very busy life with no time to sit around _7_________ (feel) sorry for myself. As well as going to the movies and football matches with my friends, I spend a lot of time_8_________ my pets. I have two rabbits, a parrot, a tank full of fish and a tortoise. To look after my pets properly takes a lot of time, _9_________ I find it worthwhile. I also have to do a lot of work, especially _10_______ I have been away for a while.

Book7 Unit2 课文语法填空

The night of the party arrived. The clock struck eight. The guests would be arriving soon and Claire told Tony _1___________ (go) into another room. At that moment, Tony folded his arms around her, _2_____ (bend) his face close to hers. She cried out “Tony” and then heard him declare that he didn’t want to leave her the next day and _3_______he felt more than just the desire to please her. Then the front door bell rang. Tony_4______ (free) her and disappeared from sight. It was then _5_____ Claire realized that Tony _6_____________(open) the curtains of the front window. Her guests had seen everything. The women were impressed by Claire, the house  _7______ the delicious cuisine. Just before they left, Claire heard Gladys_8___________(whisper) to another woman that she had never seen anyone so handsome _9____ Tony. What_10_____sweet victory to be envied by those women! She might not be as beautiful as them, but none of them had such a handsome lover.