How to Stay Motivated in High School
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How to Stay Motivated in High School

Do you find it difficult, almost impossible to stay motivated about high school? There are so many demands on your time, along with the expectation of parents and teachers. You really want to look at all the “big picture”. Your time in high school is likely to be just a small part of your today life. 36 .

(1) Set realistic goals and rewards. It can be as simple as doing your work and then taking a break to do something you like.  37 .  It isn’t as though you have to do all of your work at one time. In other words, when you reach a good break point, give yourself some kind of reward such as doing something you enjoy and afterwards get back to work.

(2)  38 . Consider your own parents, teacher, neighbor, or relative—anyone you respect and trust that can be in your corner to root for you and cheer you on. You want someone who has some life experience to counsel you. If you can find more than one source of such wisdom, it is all the better. Don’t ignore this suggestion. It can really save you a lot of heartbreak and suffering later on.

(3) Have supportive friends. There are people who are going nowhere fast.  39 . Instead, stay around other motivated students who enjoy school, study and work hard because they are so positive. That positive influence will help motivate you.

(4) Work with yourself not against. We all have energy levels.  40 . If your levels are low, determine what raises your energy levels to get you going. Then get as much done as you can. Also, don’t wait until later to get started doing things like your homework. One student explained that he would start work at the end of the class. Then when he got home, he was finishing the work rather than just starting the work.

A. Then get back to work.

B. Don’t hang out with them.

C. Seek the wisdom of an elder.

D. Try to go with the flow of your levels.

E. But it can be the most meaningful years.

F. Study hard, have fun and enjoy each year.

G. Find classmates with whom you can share your concerns.

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